Carb Backloading….the way to a leaner body

Carb Backloading….the way to a leaner body

Now I’m not saying carbs are bad…far from it, however I do believe the timing of when you eat them can make a big impact on your fat loss journey.  You may have heard of the term carb backloading which basically means you don’t consume any or very few carbohydrates until the later part of the day e.g. your evening meal or just before bed.  Well that’s not what we have been taught by all the diet gurus I hear you say….surely we store them and get fatter? Well no…this way of eating actually promotes fat loss by regulating hormones, insulin sensitivity, management of blood sugar levels and increasing muscle mass. 


A bowl full of porridge or carb rich meal will be broken down into glucose (sugars) which creates a spike in insulin and increase blood sugar levels. If you’re not active or have a sedentary job these excess carbs can be stored as fat.  By eating carbs at every meal, you are not only constantly raising your blood sugar levels but keeping your glycogen stores (in muscles and liver) full, which can increase fat storage and prevent you from losing excess fat. 


Imagine if you didn’t eat carbs until dinner? Your body wouldn’t give up or shut down, blood sugars will remain low and it would just have to find energy from somewhere else.  When you eat protein and fat based meals for breakfast and lunch, your body is more likely to tap into your fat cells for energy instead of the depleted glycogen stores.  Fats help regulate hormones, balance blood sugar and the protein aids muscle building. Your body becomes more efficient at burning existing fat stores for fuel and repays you with a leaner body. 


The same principal applies with eating carbs after your training session. If your glycogen stores are depleted pre-training your body will favour using fat stores for energy. Bye, bye fat stores. Save that banana for after a session when your muscles need to be replenished and your blood sugars are low. 


Another reason to eat carbs towards the end of the day is they can make you feel sluggish which will help you sleep better too. 


Carb backloading works best alongside weight training, so if you don’t already, start picking up those dumbbells. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body with burn when resting!


So, if you’re new to this way of eating, why not have a go at eating protein and fats for breakfast, then rate your brain for alertness and note how less bloated you feel and look. Your energy levels may surprise you too!