My Testimonials


Please see below a selection of the testimonials from my current and past happy clients. If you too want to look, feel and move better, contact me today to arrange an appointment. 

Ellie A


I came to Libby after suffering with bloating and a general feeling of sluggishness throughout my body. Libby listened to me, offered advice on diet and healthy habits and I’ve been able to take home lots of tips on how to keep on top of my lymphatic system. I always feel amazing after a session, both physically and mentally. She’s a great listener and non judgmental, I genuinely feel at ease when I’m with her.

Mark Halbert


Libby helped me with an indigestion issue. Her amazing intuition guided her to the cause of my inflammation and following her nutritional recommendations has restored my Esophagus and I can eat and drink normal foods again. A wonderful, empathic therapist who I can highly recommend.

Amy Powell


Libby makes me feel like new every time
I visit her. Cannot imagine my life without her now. Highly recommend

Paul Pugsley


At 46 and with a manual labour job I've been finding it increasingly difficult, Libbys understanding of the body has always helped me to reduce tension and stress and I've most recently started lymphatic drainage massages, it's made me start yo think about working with my body rather than against it, and thr tea she has formulated is pretty relaxing as well



I’m so pleased I’ve found Libby. Her lymphatic massage is a game changer!! She’s full of so much knowledge in all areas of health and well-being. I’d definitely recommend booking a treatment with her.

Margarita Papadopoulou


I would recommend to everyone Libby’s lymphatic drainage massage. She has a huge knowledge and explains you step by step what she is doing while she makes you feel relaxed in a warm environment.
You see the difference in how your body feels immediately after which is incredible!

Disco Entertainment


Amazing place, I go heat on a weekly basis because the job I do my back is always in bits & Libby sorts it right out! Always feels like I’ve got a brand new back and ready to work again!

I also have this lymphatic drainage Massarge treatment which tbh drains all my system. And makes me look more toned give me a confidence boost.

George Koutsothanasis


Libby has created a very personalised warm place. It is the right environment, perfect music and nice smell of essential oils that helped me relax and listen to Libby describing in detail the process. The Lymphatic Drainage massage managed to remove that tightness and heavy feeling i had on my body more than I ever expected and it lasted for days. Libby is a highly skilled professional.

Melanie Siddall


I have had several lymphatic drainage treatments by Libby and they are wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and talks you through everything so you understand your treatment fully. And the results speak for themselves. Most recently I had one 6 months post c-section, my scar is fainter and straighter. I also lost 4lbs, which i have no gained back. Highly recommend.

Katy Delahunty


I've been having treatments with Libby for a number of years, more recently the Lymphatic Drainage massage. Not only is the treatment relaxing, it's really helped with my stomach bloating and generally feeling a lot more comfortable.

Libby is extremely knowledgeable about the body and always on hand to give additional advice when needed too.

Katy A


I always leave Libby feeling so much better than when I went in. Thoroughly recommend lymphatic massages with Libby- she is friendly, knowledgable and you are totally chilled afterwards

Tracy Pargeter


I have now had 3 lymphatic drainage massages and will definitely be going every month.
I originally went to Libby for a lymphatic drainage massage as my ankles always swell up when the weather is hot and I thought it would help my system to be more “efficient “. I am really surprised at how much better I feel all over and my stomach is very rarely bloated now too!

Lana Eddyshaw


Libby is a magician! So good at what she does. I always feel comfortable during the massage. I feel the difference before and after, and I can't wait for the next one. I have had 12 sessions over the past 4 months following my surgery, and having treatments with Libby made my recovery so much easier!

Jodie Meehan


I went for a lymphatic drainage massage with Libby after being unwell with a virus for over 3 weeks. I felt down and not my usual self and struggling with energy. Being a Pilates instructor I found this really hard but was unable to shift it. After seeing Libby I felt so much better and after a few days felt like something had been lifted. 

Marianne Head


Just magic! I have been seeing Libby for 18 months now on a monthly basis for a lymphatic drainage. My intention was to support my lymphatic system having had some of my lymph nodes removed but I’ve gained so much more. She not only does wonders for the body, she shares her wealth of knowledge to provide a full all round holistic health experience.

Fanclub Clothing


Libby and her services are the best!
I’ve been going for regular lymphatic massages throughout my pregnancy and it’s made such a difference. No excess pregnancy fluid, no uncomfortable aching heavy legs and I always get a boost in energy following the treatment.
Can not recommend this massage enough pregnant or not it’s a game changer.
Thanks Libby!

Holly Setchfield


100000/10. Lymphatic massage!
I accidentally took a couple weeks to do my review but in truth probably for the best. I still have noticed so many improvements. This is long term investment into your health and not a quick fix. The way my organs seem to work better and my overall mental and physical health has improved! I lost 4lbs and don’t suffer with bloating the same I did before and often not at all!

Karima Susi


Libby is amazing. The lymph nodes in my neck, which have been raised for a while, have reduced and I overall feel much better following the sessions. Would totally recommend!

Charlotte Doyle


I had my first session with Libby 1 week post op tummy tuck and 360 lipo, I was very swollen and bruised. Libby is super knowledgeable and the massage felt amazing. It immediately improved my mobility by around 80%! When I arrived at my appointment I was wearing a size XL compression garment, I left the appointment in a size L and the following morning just 15hours later I changed my garment to size M- magic!

Gemma Morris


I have been visiting Libby for Lymphatic massages as part of my rehabilitation after a recent Hysterectomy. This is a treatment that should be recommended to all women post op, it has made such a difference to my recovery. Libby is really knowledgeable and shares this knowledge with you generously through the session. The treatments have made me feel so much better, this has now become my monthly treat!

Sophie Bowery


Libby is fantastic, she is knowledgeable and gives the best lymphatic massage. I always feel inspired during my appointment as she gives great general wellness advice.

Lianne Marie


I had a small lump I'm my neck and I was concerned so highlighted it to Libby. She suggested it was my lymphatic system not draining and gave me a massage using lymphatic brushes, it was delightful and relaxing, causing me to ask about the brushes and that day buy them. On returning home I realised the lump had gone, and I was so relieved, I now use these brushes regularly and I can honestly say they are magnificent in everyway for selfcare and keeping my skin looking good.