Lymphatic Magic

Drainage Massage Treatment


Discover the Power of Your Lymphatic System

Unlock the secrets of the often-overlooked powerhouse within your body – the lymphatic system! Dive into a transformative journey where understanding and optimising this system can significantly impact your physical and mental well-being.

In my personal exploration of the lymphatic system, I marvelled at its incredible influence on my health and physical appearance. Struggling to shed lockdown weight and grappling with fatigue, I discovered that my lymphatic system held the key to revitalisation. By addressing blockages, I shed five pounds in just two weeks, experiencing newfound energy and vitality.

Understanding Lymph:

Lymph, the clear fluid enveloping your cells, plays a crucial role in filtering out toxins, waste, viruses, and bacteria. Its effective functioning is paramount to preventing inflammation.

Impact on Your Health:

A compromised lymphatic system can manifest as chronic pain, illness, depression, fatigue, and concentration difficulties. Its connection to the brain highlights its pivotal role in overall well-being, influencing weight loss, bloating, and digestive issues.

My Approach to Healing:

The treatment incorporates the Body Aquarium Lymphatic Method, addressing blockages through tactile assessment followed by bodywork and massage techniques that I have be practiced and proven to promote better lymphatic function. Receive post-treatment guidance encompassing dietary recommendations, movement plans, and breathing techniques for optimal lymph function.

Recognising Blocked Lymph:

Be attentive to signs such as weight gain, lack of energy, joint pain, constipation, skin issues, swollen lymph nodes, and more. If these symptoms resonate with you, my Lymphatic Magic Treatment maybe the answer to looking, feeling, and moving better.


Lymphatic Magic - Draining Massage Treatment

60 minutes £70

90 minutes £95

Post Cosmetic Treatment 

60 minutes £75

60 minutes £100

*Supplement for weekends/ late evenings