Covid Guidelines

I appreciate my customers may have some concerns during these times, so I have prepared my treatment room to meet Covid -19 guidelines.  

The safety of myself and my customers is essential, so I have: 

✔ Cleaned and/or disinfected all surfaces and implements

✔ Laundered and/or disinfected all towels and linens

✔ Removed any non-essential items throughout my business

✔ Initiated contactless methods of payment (payment methods excepted include cash, cheques and bank transfer)

✔ Acquired appropriate personal protective equipment to be used when necessary or requested 

✔ Discontinued the practice of hand shaking and other non-essential contact

✔ Re-trained on essential infection control and hand hygiene practices 

Feel free to ask me at any time about everything I could do or provide for your safety. 

What you need to do when you come for your appointment:

  • Arrive alone for your appointment unless an accompanying adult.     

  • Appointments will be spaced out to reduce the number of people present and to allow extra time for cleaning. Therefore, please arrive on time for your appointment. 

  • When you arrive please wait in your car or outside in the fresh air then send me a text or call so I can open the front door.                                           

  • Please bring a face mask. I do have disposable face masks available should you forget.

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided when you arrive. 

  • I will no longer be offering water so please bring your own bottle.

  • Bathroom facilities will be available and cleaned between clients, however I suggest go to the toilet before you arrive if you can. 

  • I will be wearing a face mask and following even stricter hygiene and cleaning precautions for the safety of myself and my valued clients.  

I will be kindly asking customers not to make an appointment or cancel if needed should you: 

❌ You have experienced any cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days 

❌ You have been in contact with anyone with cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days

❌ You have travelled aboard to a destination now on the quarantine list 

    in the last 14 days

I look forward to welcoming you into my treatment room. 

Stay safe and well,