Body & Health Success Stories


“No more antacid meds”

Libby, you are an inspiration. I no longer have the dreaded runs. I feel more motivated, not bloated and am actually looking at ingredients in food. Didn't realise I ate so much crap. 

With our help and advice Lisa has also stopped taking her prescribed medication for excess acid. 

Lisa Sawdon, Leicestershire.


“Libby has given me a new lease of life. I feel like I have started all over again’

Before I started with Libby I didn't have much energy, my weight was increasing and didn't feel very healthy. I had been in touch with Libby a year ago but never gone through with it. This time there's no turning back. I was scared of my results because I could see what was happening in the outside. Working with Libby has given me a new lease of life. I feel like I have started all over again. She is very knowledgeable, supportive and always there to give me advice. My results in a month have been amazing I am not only feeling better physically but also mentally. My weight is decreasing and my nutrition knowledge expanding. I'm loving life, food and exercise. 

Anita Raymont, 50. Loughborough.


Abs really are made in the kitchen

I thought I'd do a bit of reflection about what I've learnt over the last few weeks.

- I don't need coffee in the morning. I only drank 1 cup first thing and had crippling headaches for a few days, but I'm good with it now, I might even not go back to it.

- I do love a blended juice, even a green one. Totally converted, it's an easy way for me to get a healthy goodness and up my vitamin count on the go. I've even experiment with Chia and am now considering buying flaxseed.

- I now read labels and am so much more aware of the changes in my body cutting out dairy and bread.  

- The regimented eating, with allocated snacks etc, really work for me.  I can prep food and don't bring anything else with me, this means that I don't need to raid the tuck shop at 3.00!

I've noticed that my skin and sleep have improved vastly, I have energy without caffeine and carbs.  My stomach is flat, no bloating and I have the beginnings of cheekbones again.

I'm allergic to a lot of skin products and have a tendency to have big old reactions, with chemical burns etc.  this happened half way through the detox and instead of it taking 7-10 days to repair and heal, my skin was back to normal, albeit dry, in around 4.  This is unprecedented, as each time there is a reaction it's more and more severe, the only reason I can think for this is that my liver etc has been in a better condition to deal with this.

I've been really sceptical about these things for a long time, but I am converted. Abs really are made in the kitchen. Thank you, Libby, for your time and patience with me, it's appreciated.

Sarah McIlwaine, 41, Learning & Development Manager for a software company


In two weeks I’ve lost 2.5kg in weight, 0.5% body fat and 2 inches off my waist. Digestion is working the best it has for years and I’m sleeping well every night, a damn fine result I think. 

Daniel Simmons, 51, Personal Trainer and Sports Masseur


Sustainable results at last!

Before I started working with Libby I was on a low calorie diet and tough training plan. Although I could see results I was starting to feel that it wasn't sustainable, becoming stressed and not coping with the amount of training around my busy lifestyle. I've got two children and a busy full time job and looking back now I really don't know how I fitted in all of the training. I was also finding it a struggle to build muscle. 

I was worried about increasing my calories and reducing my training. I thought I'd probably pile on weight. 

Libby has been understanding of my concerns, slowly increasing my calories. She's very responsive, always available and looks at my needs as an individual, really taking the time to understand my body and lifestyle. She's adjusted my macros quickly as and when needed rather than having to wait a month for the full review.

By eating more and training less I've reduced my body fat by over 2% in 5 weeks. I feel less stressed, even though my lifestyle hasn't really changed. My mineral levels have increased and I feel so much better for it. I’ve also begun to embrace food again and appreciate I can still get results with a good balance. I'm having a cheat meal once a week which initially scared me to death and I've had a few alcoholic drinks too! I can also see my muscle increasing which is a real boost.

Natalie MacPherson, 40, Charity Director


I’ve learnt how to eat for performance and recovery

I have always been active and within the last 3 years started competing in triathlons. This year I had my sights set on improving times of sprint and standard distance races and so increased training from an occasional run and swim to 2 times a week (running, swimming). As my training increased, I seemed to hit a plateau and my performance was not improving which was extremely frustrating.  

My initial concerns were I that I wouldn't be able to eat (or drink: i.e. gin) the things that I like and that meals would become a pain to organise. 

I found working with Libby really positive, with simple progressive steps that really made a difference to my body and my performance. 

My personal performance has been incredible, so much so that I signed up for a half ironman and now train 6 days a week - and LOVE it. No aches/pains from poor recovery, running and swim speeds increasing all the time. I feel great and energised and now know that what I eat is a big part of that. I'm not sure I will ever be up there with the best in the sport but I am extremely pleased with how much Libby and the accountability group have spurred me on.

Sam Ward, Zoo Biology Course Leader, Nottingham