Painfree Success Stories


I am 63 and after 45 years of full time hairdressing have some postural issues and often a painful back.

Years of marathon running and martial arts have left some damage in my knees meaning walking can be painful.

Biomechanics Coaching with Libby seemed the ideal add on to my idea of functional training and the process has not disappointed. 

Libby is highly knowledgable and super easy to work with. You also get great reports back.

I have recommended many of my clients to Libby. 

My back is now pain free and walking is much improved.

Matt Wyman, Nottingham. 


I was aching and stiff every day, with having to taking Doctors prescribed medication for my back problem before Libby Upton started working on it.

When visiting Libby, she would always start with a question on "how i felt and how my last massage was"? She always takes great care to make sure I was ok throughout the treatment and gives me exercises, hints and reasons on how manage my back pain in between treatments.

I can recommend anyone who is struggling with stiff backs, tight legs and painful, burning shoulders, and who wants less pain and the knowledge to cope with the pain, to definitely go and visit Libby.

Best of all, I have been able to get back running and enjoy my job without been in constant pain. Thanks Libby your a star.

Katie Wilson, 46, West Bridgford, Nottingham.


Kirsty Hilton, Nottingham

I was training regularly but having bad knee pain and I didn't know how to sort it out despite trying different people like GP and physiotherapist. It was hampering my training and causing me to feel down as I just wanted to fix it and didn’t know what the issue was. Likewise, before we started working together on nutrition, I was training regularly and eating clean as a best attempt but then snacking on sugary things and felt like I'd hit a plateau. I knew I needed to clean up my diet and be more strict but didn’t know how to get started and tailor it to me.

I was starting to run out of ideas or people to go to without spending a fortune. We clicked straightaway and I knew you’d try and help where you could so I was really excited in a sense to try and get a resolution. Working with you has been amazing. You’re so easy going, great to talk to and explain the why’s as well as the how’s. I often need to know why I'm doing something for it to make sense in my head and for me to put the maximum effort in so that was a vital aspect of you getting the best from me. I honestly think you’re a miracle worker in giving me exercises to sort out issues with my knee and a year on, I’m much better for it. I know I can ask you any questions from anything to muscles/pain to nutrition and even stress/wellbeing and you have an answer or suggestion. I’m never made to feel stupid and the support you provide outside of any of our appointments is incredible.

My knee issues although not gone are manageable and I rarely get pain now. My nutrition plan was an eye opener especially the science and why’s behind it and delivered such amazing results for me. If I ever need a good sports massage or someone to talk to regarding mental wellbeing, I know you’re always there for me and will be able to work with me to find a solution that’s manageable and will improve my quality of life.


In 2005 I was diagnosed with an epidural abscess on my spine. This left me partially paralysed with constant pain in my hip & more recently frequent knee spasms through the day & night.

You came highly recommended & I had no reservations about coming to you for treatment, as I was in dire need for any attempt of a cure, or part relief. Through your assessment & expert diagnosis you gave me series of highly effective exercises and the pain in my hip & knee spasms have greatly decreased which has given me easier mobility & a much more comfortable life.

David Dalby, Nottingham


Before I was recommended Biomechanics sessions I suffered from really bad lower back pain.  As someone that is active and always on the go it would lead to my back being extremely sore.  I would go about my day to day tasks with that niggling pain all the time. 

Prior to the first session I wasn't so optimistic that it would work as I've had physio therapy sessions before and they did not do anything at all. However, after a few sessions I started to feel like I could do more without being in pain so I was really happy!

The process of working with Libby has been great, she is extremely friendly and a bubbly person which is an added bonus to her talents in mending people! I will continue to use Libby for regular sports massages and biomechanic assessments to ensure that my back pain does not return again! I would highly recommend the services to anyone that is thinking about booking in.

My back is back to it's strongest, I have even started deadlifting and squatting like I used to prior to the back injury. 

Juliquar Ali, West Bridgford. 


I was training for the London Marathon and had  gathered quite a few aches and pains along the way; particularly in my hip and knee. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to continue training properly.  In addition, I was finding it difficult to shift some weight, especially considering I was doing so much running (3-4 times per week)!  I was keen to have a holistic assessment to help improve my performance and physique.

Having never heard of Biomechanics, I was unsure what to expect.  However, I was keen to give it a go.  I did some research and felt comfortable approaching Libby for an appointment. I was looking forward to the whole person approach.

It was wonderful working with Libby right from her warm, enthusiastic greeting to the congratulatory text and email after I completed the London Marathon.  Being asked to do a food diary and then listening to Libby's analysis was a revelation; turns out I wasn't eating enough! I was given a strict (but easily understandable) regime to follow, bespoke for my needs and situation. 

The biomechanics assessment and subsequent exercises made a significant difference to my body (and mind). And, the sports massage was out of this world.....I learnt a lot about nutrition, performance psychology and biomechanics from my sessions. 

After the sessions with Libby I was successfully able to continue with my marathon training, my body shape changed, I lost weight and my energy levels significantly increased.  My body felt stronger and the issues with my knees and hips disappeared. And this meant I hit my goal of a sub 5 hour London Marathon; finishing in 4hrs 50.....I was delighted. I believe I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without the support from Libby...thank you! 

I have been visiting Libby for several years now for regular sports massages, and always feel better afterwards.

I do a lot of swimming, particularly outdoor swimming and Libby helps me with exercises to improve my strength in certain joints.

Libby is a lovely, bubbly, enthusiastic person to work with and always very focused on your personal needs.

My best result so far from working with her is a 10km swim last September, and my only injury at the end was chaffing from my wetsuit!

I have recommended Libby to several other people, including my husband and sons, who also go to see her regularly.


Trish Jackson, West Bridgford


I have been visiting Libby for several years now for regular sports massages, and always feel better afterwards.

I do a lot of swimming, particularly outdoor swimming and Libby helps me with exercises to improve my strength in certain joints.

Libby is a lovely, bubbly, enthusiastic person to work with and always very focused on your personal needs.

My best result so far from working with her is a 10km swim last September, and my only injury at the end was chaffing from my wetsuit!

I have recommended Libby to several other people, including my husband and sons, who also go to see her regularly.


Trish Jackson, West Bridgford

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Another pain free client….

I had my first appointment with Libby in January after having a month off work from developing carpal tunnel. 

During the first assessment I found that it wasn’t just my wrists that had been affected from working in an office.  Libby gave me some simple exercises to do whilst at work sitting at my desk.  Within 2 months my carpal tunnel has improved drastically, which is great as I had no intention of having an operation!

She also gave me some nutritional advice and an exercise programme for the gym. 

All in all my headaches have practically gone, my wrists feel better and I feel much healthier as well as more knowledgeable on how my body works and how my life in general has an impact on it. 

Am amazed and impressed at how quickly I saw an improvement!  Thanks Libby, you are truly inspirational, keep up the good work!


“After the first session, I went directly to teach a class and I got through it pain free, I was amazed!”


Testimonial: Les Mills Group Exercise Instructor, Lucy Morley, Nottingham. 


I am currently working as a group exercise fitness instructor, teaching freestyle classes such as Body Conditioning and HIIT and also the Les Mills Body Attack and Body Pump programmes. I can teach anything from 4 classes (45 mins to an hour each) up to 16 classes a week depending on demand.


For a couple of months previous to meeting Libby for the first time, I had been experiencing a sharp pain in the bottom of my foot. For the whole of my life I have lived with flat feet (fallen arches) and rolling in ankles and so have to wear insoles in my shoes to help with this. When the pain came about I had changed my insoles, which often cause me some discomfort to begin with; however, the pain just did not go away. I tried resting it, but by the nature of my job I have to be able to move and jump around. At times it was so bad I could hardly walk around my house and the thought of teaching a high impact class for an hour was unbearable. After what I thought was a few weeks of dealing with the pain, I contacted a friend of mine who does Biomechanics assessments to ask for some advice as to who I should go and see - my doctor, phyiso or podiatrist. She recommended I go for a full Biomechanics assessment with Libby.

My friend first recommended I went for a full Biomechanics assessment, from head to toe, I was a little apprehensive in case I found other problems in my body I didn't know about! But I knew I couldn't carry on with the pain I was in and that needed to be sorted.

Libby has been very welcoming and reassuring throughout the process. From my first assessment where she assessed me from head to toe, I felt comfortable that she knew what she was doing and could tell me straight away why I was getting pain in my foot. And no, she didn't find anything else wrong with me that I didn't already know about!

Since working with Libby, which has only been 1 month, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my foot. After the first session I went directly to teach a class and I got through it pain free, I was amazed! Since then I have been doing the exercises she’s prescribed for me and I can get through the majority of the day pain free and if the pain does occur I can just do my exercises and it will relieve it instantly.

I would 100% recommend Libby to others, especially if like me they don't know the reason for their problem and who to turn to. For me I'm glad to be working with someone who is treating the cause of my problem rather than possibly my doctor, physio or podiatrist who would treat just my foot as a single entity, when actually the root cause is further up in my body.


Libby has offered me various help over the recent years for a number of reasons and she and her magic hands have always worked wonders. My exercise regime includes heavy lifting, such as deadlifts, and more recently boxing, where I spend a lot of time hunched over. Libby has provided sports massage to work out the stresses put on my body through my training, and I know I will always feel so much better immediately after the session with her.

I’ve also seen Libby to address some more structural issues with my pelvis. She worked through with me what the imbalances were and her work on me left me pain free after one session. Her advice and follow-up exercises have enabled me to manage the situation myself too. I’d highly recommend Libby for addressing structural imbalances and regular sports massages to prevent injury. Not only is she professional and great at her craft, because Libby pursues optimal performance for her own training regime and personal life, it’s always a great opportunity to chat and share experiences and tips.

Get booked in!



Bye bye back pain!

I have been suffering with back and shoulder issues (muscle spasms) since the end of November 2017. My GP had told me to rest up for 4-6 weeks and then come back for an assessment and maybe some Physiotherapy which, in a normal working life, doesn't really work!! So I took it upon myself to visit an osteopath and have a few sports massages. This seemed to sort me out with a short term fix but definitely wasn't the cure.  

Initially my only reservation was cost but at this point I had suffered for so long my doubts faded as sorting my back issues was the only thing on my mind. The pain in my back kept coming and going and sometimes really affected my day to day normal life activities. I seemed to be walking all lopsided and wasn't sleeping well at all. 

Libby made me feel comfortable and relaxed. An assessment was made and Libby identified where all of the muscle spasms were located and how they had affected my body. Because of my back and shoulder spasms I had a leg length discrepancy of approx.1cm. Libby talked me through the repair process and assured me that the exercises she was going to advise me to do would definitely help.

The best result I have had is the that I now feel my body is in the process of repairing, my body has straightened out and my leg length discrepancy has gone. The prescribed exercises were low impact and adjusted to fit into my working life, these included many exercises I could do sat at my desk whilst working. From the knowledge that Libby has my pain has reduced and I fell like I am getting somewhere, improvements that I hadn't come anywhere near to in the last 6 months. Without Libby's help I would have still been struggling and soldiering through the days in pain.  Thank you, Libby for your help 😊


Before coming to see Libby, having a stiff back, struggling to bend down and feeling as though my lower back was seizing up if I stood or sat for too long was part of my everyday life.  Even sleeping was becoming difficult and I found I had to sleep with a pillow under my hips to relieve the discomfort. 

Richard Hoyes, West Bridgford. 

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 1.31.06 pm.png

My only real reservations were, is this going to work, and will it involve lots of stretching and exercises that will take over my life. 

Working with Libby has been informative yet relaxed.  At each stage Libby explained exactly what was going on and what had been the cause of my discomfort and back ache.  She is clearly very knowledgeable but explains things in a clear and friendly manner. 

After just a couple of days of carrying out my simple exercises, I noticed a real improvement.  I could bend down to pick up the dogs' feed bowls without my back aching or twinging. The stiffness that I felt every morning in my upper back had gone completely and in less than a week I could sleep comfortably without needing extra pillows to support my back.  I'm truly impressed with how much difference Libby has made to my back in such a short time scale.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to get some flexibility back into their limbs!

Lisa Greskowiak, Sign Language Tutor


Pain management after a serious car accident. 


I was involved in a car accident that left me with neck,shoulder & lower back pain. After coping for 5 weeks I was low mentally & in constant pain. A friend recommended Libby. Her son had received help from libby for a sports injury. 


I attended an assessment appointment first. I got very emotional explaining to Libby about the accident & the grinding down of day to day living due to the pain. Libby was professional & sensitive. She listened & gave caring support. 


The assessment showed many areas which had been affected by the accident. Libby explained that with effective exercises & massage things could be eased.


Libby drew up a group of easy doable exercises that I could do daily. She demonstrated each exercise making sure I did them correctly for full benefit. I felt at ease during the sometimes painful massage, knowing it was going to ease things. 


I completed treatment 2 weeks ago & feel physically & mentally restored. I still have occasional aches but nothing like it was. I continue with the exercise programs when I feel particularly bad. 


I would recommend Libby to anyone who needs their body freeing from pain. 


Carolyn Bredice, Office worker, Nottingham