TriggerPoint CHARGE VIBE Ridged Vibrating Portable Foam Roller

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TriggerPoint CHARGE VIBE Ridged Vibrating Portable Foam Roller



Introducing the TriggerPoint CHARGE VIBE Vibrating Foam Roller! Say goodbye to muscle aches and hello to quick recovery. This portable foam roller packs a punch with its ridged design and three vibe modes designed to soothe those sore muscles.

 Roll it on to experience a gentle squeeze and stretch, thanks to those fancy ridges. Plus, the vibrations add an extra kick to your massage, making it feel like a mini spa for your muscles. Perfect for post-workout relief! Great for releasing and opening up lymph nodes too! 

It's compact, lightweight, and fits in your gym bag – just 7 x 4 inches and 2 pounds. No worries about running out of power; the built-in rechargeable battery can go for up to two hours (depends on the vibe level). We've got you covered with an AC charger and easy-to-follow instructions.

Give your muscles and lymph some love with the TriggerPoint CHARGE VIBE – your new self care buddy. 

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